LRAP assistance is provided (in the form of quarterly reimbursements) after the end of each calendar quarter in which you have made required loan payments and are meeting the criteria specified in your LRAP Award and Terms & Conditions. If your annualized income is less than your Lower Income Threshold, and you are working at least an average of 40 hours per week, you can receive full reimbursement on your loan payments for that quarter.

As your income surpasses the Lower Income Threshold, and rises toward the Upper Income Threshold, your assistance will be adjusted proportionally (e.g., if you earn an income half-way between your Upper and Lower Income Thresholds, you can receive 50% reimbursement).

Assistance will be proportionately reduced if you work an average of less than full-time/40 hours per week (i.e. if you work 30 hours per week, the minimum to remain eligible, your assistance will be prorated to 75%). Assistance continues until your income surpasses the Upper Income Threshold, or your loans are paid off entirely.